It’s a Gloss… It’s a Liner… It’s LIP FLASH!

Recently, a friend (and one of my favourite bloggers) sent me a question via Twitter:

@coyapaz: have you tried L’Oreal Le Gloss? It is a lip gloss REVELATION!

I am pretty brand loyal when it comes to drugstore products–Hello, Revlon–but I had to try a lip gloss REVELATION! I ran to the Store That Shall Not Be Named to look for it, only… it wasn’t there. I tried a different store… nope. A different store…nope. Is it such a lip gloss REVELATION that stores are entirely sold out of it? Or am I just really bad at reading labels? I really don’t understand why I can’t find it, because the product exists. I saw it on the internet so it must be true!

But there is a bright spot to this search. There I was, scanning, scanning, scanning… cursing, cursing, cursing… wondering where in the BLEEP this lip gloss REVELATION might be when I spotted a curious product. Milani Lip Flash, which describes itself as a lip gloss PENCIL. Huh? Isn’t lip gloss a liquid? Or, at least, a… goo? How do you put it in a pencil? In the name of scientific curiosity I had to try it. And here’s my verdict: not bad. Not bad at all.

It isn’t so much a “gloss” as a very shimmery lip crayon. But, like most Milani products, it offers a LOT of colour. And it lasts for awhile, so if you’re looking for something that is going to be bright, stay put, and give you some high wattage shine… this works. I got it in Hot Flash but had my eye on Flash Light as well.

And psst… if YOU see the Lip Gloss REVELATION, I’m thinking Blushing Berry will go well with my new hair colour, hint hint.