these are the general facts of my everyday life:


My favourite colour is yellow and I drink as much coffee as I can on any given day. I have a rock collection, and my favourite poet is Lucille Clifton. I love chisme, and I scowl even when I’m not mad. I’m passionate about politics – and lip gloss. I believe that racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, and homophobia are structures, not personal feelings, and that you cannot work to dismantle one without working to dismantle them all. Movements fail when they cannot account for the whole of a person’s lived experience. So do friendships. People are flawed, and that’s okay, but you should never match your shoes to your purse. Poetry and performance can be critical elements of social change. They can also be self-serving. Sometimes, they are both at the same time. I watch a telenovela every day. I speak three languages, and I try not to speak in code. I love words, especially these words: strength, hope, grace, this, it, fe, ojalá, favourite. I want people to love themselves. Love is a radical act, especially self-love… in every form. (See, sometimes I do speak in code.) I am proud to be the co-founder of Teatro Luna and Proyecto Latina, and the Artistic Director at Free Street Theatre.  I believe in making performance that makes people laugh, makes people think, makes people cry – all in the same show. I believe in performance that matters in people’s lives because I believe performance CAN matter in people’s lives. I get bored in plays by/for/about rich white people, unless one of those rich white people is Alan Rickman (RIP, insert wailing emoji here), because I have a crush on him. Like I said, it is good to account for the whole of a person’s lived experience.