In Los Milagros/The Miracles, we wanted to explore the idea of everyday miracles - the ways that we sustain ourselves and our communities in difficult times. We wanted to remind each other that we have always been here for each other, that we do not live in scarcity.

The performance itself took the form of tiny plays performed on tiny Radio Flyer wagons, a nod to pageant wagon miracle plays of yore. To make them, a collective of people ages 7-70 worked on the show, soliciting all of the materials for the play from the broader community. Instead of crowdsourcing money, we crowdsourced materials, putting out calls for the stuff we needed to complete our wagons.

We did 5 performances in 5 Chicago parks in July and August 2017.

"We" is Free Street of course! The show was conceived by me and co-directed with Katrina Dion, who worked with a team of youth artists to make about half of the wagons.