Fa$hion: A Love Story is an adaptation of Anna Cora Mowatt's 1845 play Fashion, and was commissioned by Halcyon Theater as part of their 2011 Alcyone Festival. The original play was about an aspiring socialite whose dreams of becoming a fashion power player are challenged when her husband reveals he has taken un unmanagable debt. Though Mowatt's play (SPOLER ALERT!) comes down hard on superficial trappings, the reality is that for a lot of people, social mobility is in the performance of being in the know. My version, my first and only foray into plot-based ensemble creation, featured a live DJ, some very queer subplots, and an unapologetic celebration of the latest trends. 

Here's what Gozamos had to say: "Paz bombards the audience with a furious display of he-said-she-said-whodunit recall delivered at breakneck speed by a dazzling cast as numerous – initially – as glitter in the air. To be in the seats witnessing the execution of such an ambitiously choreographed performance provides a sensation well worth the ticket cost. Indeed, the characters attempting to relay just what happened – and what is assumed to be re-enacted for us – takes on the musicality indicative of playwriting at its best."