I Love You! I M’eh You… I Love You! I M’eh You…

I am in an “It’s Complicated” relationship with L’Oreal LeGloss. About a month ago, my friend Dyan sent me a Twitter telling me that the new L’Oreal LeGloss was a “lip gloss revelation.” (I think there may even have been an “OMG” in there as well.) My friend is a master of looking cute on a budget, so if she said it was good, it MUST be good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anywhere (a search detailed in my last blog post so my apologies to frequent readers). I mean, I looked low, I looked high, I still couldn’t find my sweetie pie. Meanwhile, Glamour magazine’s back cover was a picture of JLO wearing LeGloss and her lips looked orange (my fave lip gloss colour) and amazingly, super, brilliantly shiny. I started seeking out LeGloss with single purpose (minus ordering it online, which in retrospect would have been a lot more efficient but which lacks the excitement of the hunt).

Anyway, I finally found it! At the Store Which Will Not Be Named but Which I Had Visited At Least Four Times Hoping I Would Eventually Find It and Hey! I Did! I bought it in Blushing Berry, put it on THE SECOND I got in the car, and I was totally, absolutely, 100%… disappointed. Sure, it smelled like cake. Sure, it had a nice colour. Sure, it felt good on my lips, moisturizing and smooth. But it wasn’t shiny. Not even close to the high wattage gleam in the JLO ad! (I know, I know… what a shocker. Advertisements are photoshopped.) And definitely not a lip gloss revelation!  Still. I kept wearing it. After my long search, I was determined not to just throw it in a pile. And, as I mentioned, it feels smooth and very moisturizing (kind of like the MAC Pro Gloss I raved about a few months ago.) And, the colour really lasts! Way past the so-so shine.

My initial verdict: worth it if you don’t care about your gloss being, you know, especially glossy. But then! Last night, my friend Amy gave me an early birthday present (my birthday is tomorrow, cough, cough, hint, hint)of the LeGloss in 157 Red Ravishing. Unlike the Blushing Berry, which is somewhat opaque, the Red Ravishing is very very sheer… and VERY VERY glossy. I am in love! I am ready to take back the ten minute rant about photoshopping and the JLO ad I subjected my brother-in-law to yesterday at brunch. I am only going to wear outfits that coordinate with this colour! THAT’s how much I love it! So thank you, Amy. You know me better than I know myself. And thank you Dyan… I’m sorry I doubted you.

So here’s my final verdict: The opaque ones are moisturizing with lasting colour, but not too much shine. And the sheer ones are moisturizing, very shiny, and gorgeous (but do require more reapplication to keep the look than say a MAC gloss.) Worth it? Yes. I’ll definitely be stockpiling the Red Ravishing, so I hope you’re looking for a different colour! And P.S: those there are my actual lips, though generally I think it is weird when people post pictures of just their mouths. But since this is a post about lip gloss and not my Facebook or Match dot com profile, I think I’ll let it slide.