Free Street Homecoming

(In the following, I talk about myself in the third person. But that’s because I’m feeling kind of lazy and just reposting what I put on the Free Street website.)

Exciting things are in the air at Free Street, so let’s celebrate! 

2013 has been big year for Free Street. We’ve welcomed a new Executive Director, Caroline O’Boyle, and a new Artistic Director, Coya Paz (that’s me!); and with their help, we’ve begun an exciting journey back to our roots (grassroots, that is).

For 44 years, Free Street has been dedicated to bringing theatre to anyone, anywhere; and with our new leaders at the helm, we’re confident that our mission can be accomplished. And while we’re excited for Free Street to return to its roots, we know that public access theatre in Chicago is undergoing a paradigm shift; so we are too. In addition to our long-running youth ensembles, we’ve added:

  • a Multi-Generational Collective – for youth and adults to create together
  • an Incubator Program – for artists developing new performances
  • Free Workshops – to help bring theatre to everyone
  • Community Residencies – to help groups and organizations use theatre to amplify their work

Theatre matters. Theatre travels. Theatre responds and includes. Theatre builds community and activates action through dialogue. And Free Street supports theatre. But we can’t do it alone; we need your help!

This is a call to action. An attempt to activate former ensemble members, former board members, former staff members and students, parents of Free Street, theatre supporters, Free Street lovers, anyone who remembers Free Street’s performances at parks and on street corners (or maybe even in a theatre) to help revitalize Free Street. And all you have to do is come home to Free Street.

On December 10th, we’re hosting a Homecoming Celebration. Come enjoy food, drinks, short performances and, most importantly, learn how you can join the Free Street movement toward community theatre for all.

Free and open to all ages. RSVP here.

Support us, from your couch!

Can’t make it on December 10th? Not to worry, you can still help! Consider making a donation of any amount to Free Street Theatre. Free theatre might be free to the public, but unfortunately, it’s not free for us. Your financial support allows Free Street to continue our vital efforts.