presente on facebook

I want to know if people like it, I want to know if people like me where else in life is there such instant affirmation yes yes good job very interesting my bien sabes que yo tambien he pensado eso you aren’t alone in the world not now not here at all hours 3am 9am 2pm someone is watching someone wants you to know they are awake alive presente aqui estoy aqui estamos miles away apartments away countries away we have so much to say about our lives, our likes, our wishes, the people we could be the people we are in our heart of hearts always smiling like our favourite pictures in love with our cats and our children and bonding over juanes, mary poppins, how much we hate that legislation how easy the conflict when it is just words back and forth no slammed doors no tears no sound of jagged breath after crying, how we can filter our lives and find we have done okay for ourselves not like ex-boyfriends with their bland blonde wives and ugly houses no more wondering why why why did you leave me why why why don’t you love me I mean imagine the relief you do not live in a suburb you do not wake up every morning to a man who wears khakis on the weekend you have funny friends witty friends friends you have never met but have friends in common and they like it they like you aqui estamos aqui estoy. presente.

(c) coya paz, 2011

here’s me reading it live at a guild complex event: presente on facebook