Going Pro

Amores, for years my favourite lip gloss was MAC Lip Glass or MAC Lustreglass or MAC Dazzleglass – basically, MAC could do not wrong by me. If they made it, I’d buy it. And then, a few things happened. One, I realized that despite wishing and hoping, I’m not rich… And for the cost of one MAC lip gloss, I could buy two, three, four of the drugstore variety (and 14 if I bought E.L.F.!).  Two, MAC got caught up in that ugly glamourizing/ignoring the horrible violence against women in Juarez thing, and shopping there felt kind of gross. And three (somewhat related to item one in this list), I realized that Revlon’s Super lustrous lip gloss is really really good, and has some amazing colours. Which I acquired. Repeatedly. All of them. Even the unflattering shades. (Anyone want some mauve lipgloss?)

So what’s my point? My point is that when I forgave Target, I decided I should probably forgive MAC too… I mean, at least MAC apologized, pulled the line, and donated money to organizations working to end violence against women in Juarez. What did Target do? Start a half-assed task force? (Yawn.)

I know, I know… history has shown that I will tell myself anything to justify shopping anywhere. But LISTEN! I’m glad I went back. Because I discovered something AMAZING. Something unparalleled in the drugstore brands piled up around my house. Something that isn’t even carried at every MAC store. It is in their Pro series, and it is a gloss designed to be used anywhere: lips, eyes, skin. This means it doesn’t give you a high impact shine on the lips, but gosh… it feels good. I mean, it feels goooooooood. I can’t stop moving my lips back and forth when I’m wearing it. And the colour is great – super bright in the tube but super sheer when it’s on. I got it in Orange Creme and I love it! Swoon swoon swoon, heart heart heart.