Cutest Lip Gloss EVER!!!

Today, I was walking from the Harold Washington Library (always awe-inspiring) back to my office (about 8 blocks) when it started to rain. And rain. And RAIN! Normally, I would not be grateful for a sudden downpour, especially because when my hair is left to its own devices it turns into a curly-on-one-side mess, but today I thank the rain for helping me find THE CUTEST LIP GLOSS EVER!!!! In an (unsuccessful) attempt to salvage my hair, I ducked into the art supply store near my office to wait out the storm. And there, amongst the pencils and stickers and for-real art supplies I don’t know how to use, I found THE CUTEST LIP GLOSS EVER!!!! I’m not exaggerating. Check it out:

uteness is the main thing it has going for it, but it is also vegan and Phthalate-free, which means I won’t feel too guilty when my two-year old daughter inevitably steals it off my keyring. Oh, did I mention it is a keychain? And only $2? I got it in orange, and it has a nice orange flavour. No colour and not that much shine. As a gloss, this is one step up from a balm. But who’s complaining? Not me. I’m totally in love. With THE CUTEST LIP GLOSS EVER!