Ahhh… Finally Got a Makeover!

Amores, if you’re one of the people who visited my website in the past couple of months… okay, who am I kidding… YEARS… you might have wondered why I was still sporting the same hairdo from 2006, why I never seemed to age, and why I hadn’t directed a show or held a job since 2007. Or maybe (more likely) you wondered why someone with so many talented and artistic friends couldn’t get it together to update her website.

Well, I finally did! My friend Keturah Davis, who designed my old site, designed this one as well – creating something I can update myself and which is more geared to my new lifestyle as a “cultural commentator.” My friend Nako Okubo drew me a fancy new logo. And my friend Jazmin Corona took a bunch of photos so that no one thinks I look like a line drawing in real life. This is good news for me, and good news for you… because should you need a new website, logo, or portrait, I know some talented people you can hire!

So what can you expect from this new and improved platform? Up-to-date information about news and events, links to my guest blogging gigs, in-depth lip gloss reviews, and my thoughts on theater, racism, and spring fashion.

I know, I know… you can’t wait, right? You don’t have to. Poke around the site and you find some oldies but goodies, as well as some new stuff, like my thoughts on MAC Lipgloss Pro. And coming up in the next day or so… a review of a Chicago play that the critics have hated but which I LOVED. Will I throw in the “R” word in guessing why people have been so hard on this play? I think you already know the answer to THAT!

Until then, kiss kiss, beso beso… be good to yourself amores!