In Which I Confess, In Verse, To Being an Awful Person

Last month, Nina Corwin invited me to participate in a poetry reading about Consumer Culture at Woman Made Gallery. I don’t really write much about consumer culture, partly because I’m not sure what to say about it. I love consumer culture – shopping and lip gloss are genuine passions of mine- but of course, I am educated and informed enough to know all the reasons consumer culture is “problematic.” What I don’t know is how to kick the habit!

Still, I put together a set of 4 poems that speak to the subject, most of which admit, with great guilt and some defiance, that I’d rather shop than save the world… for now. The result, if I may say so myself (and I may, because this is my website), is pretty funny and very human. Check it out online here. I come in at 1:11, but the lineup is really divine. I recommend downloading it and listening to whole program if you have time.