Cue Patti La Belle

This month, I am doing a triple-play as The Lovely and Talented Coya Paz, solo artist, after having just closed the third of back-to-back ensemble projects. The sad thing about solo work, though, is that I’m all alone (cue Patti LaBelle)! So I’d love to see some of my favourite friends, acquaintances, people I’d like to be friends with, and people I admire from afar in the audience! Here’s what’s on:

2nd Story: Rights, Radicals, and Revolutions

April 9 and 10 at 7pm

Webster Wine Bar (1480 West Webster Street)

$15 (though I have one comp left and they have a handful of pay-what-you-can tickets)

This is a “hybrid performance event combining storytelling, wine, and music.” I’m excited to be participating with a pretty funny story about how at 14, a “sex scandal” collided with my first activist stance. Though I’m wont to tell lots of stories over a few glasses of wine, this is totally different, I swear.

Poetry Off the Shelf: Poetry and Piano

April 14 at 7pm

Curtiss Hall/Fine Arts Center(410 South Michigan Avenue)


The Poetry Foundation commissioned me to create a 20-minute set in collaboration with the pianist George McRae. And they invited 3 other poets, and one other pianist, to do the same. I think it is going to be a really fun evening, and confidential from you to me, though reservations for this event are officially closed, I know someone who knows someone.

Paper Machete

April 21 at 3pm

Horseshoe Lounge (4115 N. Lincoln Avenue)


My favourite “Salon in a Saloon!” I’m a semi-regular at this show (recently featured in the Chicago Tribune, no less) that features “comedians, journalists, and other storytellers” creating short pieces in response to the week’s news. They assign the topics the week of, so I have NO idea what I’ll be performing. The past 2 times I was on the line-up, they gave me “Lesbian Torture Clinics in Ecuador” and “Chicago: Most Segregated City in America” as topics. For a COMEDY SHOW. Everyone else was talking about the Oscars, or the CTA, or city budgets, or Whole Foods, and I’m layering on the lip gloss, getting ready to make anti-racist jokes about racism. Story of my life!

And, of course, Proyecto Latina runs the 3rd Monday of every month at Cobalt Studio in Pilsen (1950 W. 21st Street). 7pm. Free!

This info, and future info, can also be found on the Contact page!