Best Hair Day Ever

Amores, I’m sure I have many good qualities. I know a lot of knock-knock jokes, for example. And I laugh all of the time at the stupidest things (Adam Sandler movies or the aforementioned knock-knock jokes). And I am, despite routine crabbiness about how-come-people-don’t-care-more-about-injustice, a genuinely hopeful person. But I’m also rolling in the bad qualities. I am easily distracted. I like to tell stupid knock-knock jokes. I do not return emails in a timely manner. And above all, I’m SUPER VAIN. (I had to put that in all caps because it is real serious.)

I don’t mean I think I’m all that, all of the time. Not at all. But insecurity about looks is its own form of vanity. I do so much day-to-day upkeep that it is a small wonder I have time to do anything else. I will not leave the house without concealer, mascara, blush, earrings, and (duh) lipgloss. That’s a look I call “no makeup,” and it is reserved for the flu or Sundays. Usually I also curl my eyelashes, add bronzer, highlighter, and eyeshadow or eyeliner. I wear shaping garments daily. I must have my nails painted and if they chip I can focus on nothing else until they are fixed (see easily distracted, above). And my hair is the bane of my existence – it is (per me) frizzy, simultaneously puffy and limp, and always looking crazy. I spend all of my disposable income on my hair – fancy ombre colour and cute bangs are not cheap. Neither are the million products I put in it (shampoo, conditioner, colour restorer, leave-in conditioner, curl enhancer, and finish-spray.)


also wear fake hair all of the time. Not for special occasions or anything. Just because it’s, you know, a Tuesday. So you know what I would never, ever, ever do? SHAVE MY HEAD!!!!!!

Which is why I am so impressed with the folks over at St. Baldricks, an organization committed to raising money to fund pediatric cancer research. They organize head-shaving events world-wide, and fund more in childhood cancer research grants than any other entity besides the U.S. government. But back it up. People are SHAVING OFF THEIR HAIR to raise money for research and to show solidarity with children who are fighting cancer?!?! Dang! That has “no makeup” beat by a mile.

I found out about St. Baldrick’s because I am a friend and supporter of Donna’s Good Things, an organization that works to “provide joyful opportunities for children facing adversity, be it economic, familial, social or health related.” Simple things – dance lessons, music classes, a party – that help make a long day-to-day struggle easier to bear. The foundation honours my pal Sheila’s daughter Donna, who I never got to meet but who seems like she was my kind of kid: silly, sweet, bright, and fond of tutus. Their motto is “choose hope.” Not just hope for the future, but today – finding and choosing the thing that will help you get through, even love, today. Hence, the “good things,” the small(ish) gestures that make today a good day. Because for some, today is all anyone can guarantee.

Donna’s Good Things is participating in a St. Baldrick’s Shave-A-Thon in a few weeks, and this week they have an anonymous donor who is matching every donation to the event. For me, this is a no-brainer. I have been known to regularly spend $15 on an “emergency” manicure or a pair of “emergency” lip glosses (in case the one doesn’t “go” with what I’m wearing). And since I don’t think they’ll be having a “Dramatically Rip Out My Weave-A-Thon” any time soon, this is as close as I’ll get to participating in the event. Maybe you’ll join me? You can find information about the event (which, BTW, is taking place at my favourite pizza place!) here.

In the meantime, let me know… what’s YOUR “Good Thing?” You’ll never guess what mine is… Ja ja ja…