I teach a class called Capstone: Preparing for the Profession. Targeted towards graduating seniors in the Theatre Studies department, we cover a range of ways to Prepare for the Profession – make a resume, edit a cover letter, calm down, make a list of all the ways you could make money if you’re desperate, make a list of all the people who would let you sleep on their sofa, etc. I also do a section on the information superhighway, otherwise known as the internet, specifically websites and social media. I encourage them to have a simple website. I encourage them to use Twitter to network with both peers and professionals. I encourage them to take photos of bongs and beer off of their Facebook pages. Pretty basic stuff. But I realize my credibility as a useful source in these matters is totally undermined by the fact that my own website HASN’T BEEN UPDATED SINCE JUNE!


Obviously I have been up to all kinds of amazing things, like Free Street Free Street Free Street Free Street and watching all 3.5 seasons of Pretty Little Liars.

And speaking of June, just released, THIS WEEK, is a podcast from the 2nd Story Season Finale: It’s The End of the World As We Know It. It features four storytellers, including me. I talk about wanting to punch someone in the face for real for real. (That link will take you to iTunes, and just beneath It’s The End of the World is a podcast of Denise Ruiz’s story The Miseducation of Denise Ruiz. DENISE IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!)