Exciting Stuff!

Chiquillos, here is what is going on:

written by Tanya Saracho||directed by me
SPECIAL DEAL! Two-for-one Thursdays with the code word: LUNATICA. Or, you could also try the code word: I love the Lovely and Talented Coya Paz
Visit Teatro Luna’s myspace page (www.myspace.com/teatroluna) for up-to-date information about the show, or scroll down to my previous post! 

PROYECTO LATINA is on Monday the 20th at RADIO ARTE.
Sign up starts at 7pm.
I don’t promise any new poems, but I’m trying to bust out something in the next week. No matter what, there will be lots of exciting and fresh Latina talent. We’re featuring Alicia Ponce, who is hilarious.
Go to www.tianguis.biz for more information

I’m teaching a class at the University of Chicago: Race and Gender in Ensemble Performance, so if you are a student there (or at a cooperating university) check it out: http://csrpc.uchicago.edu/resources_courses.shtml