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Interviewing Idra Novey for Chicago Humanities Festival

Excited to be interviewing Idra Novey for the Chicago Humanities Festival! From their website:

Idra Novey’s thrilling and suspenseful new novel, Those Who Knew, seems to have presaged, almost eerily, more than a few of our recent headlines. The crime at its heart—the suspicious death of a young woman involved with a senator—takes place on an unnamed island in the wake of political upheaval. But the broader story at its core—involving the intersection of politics, corruption and sexual violence—is one that has played out again and again, setting every ounce of Novey’s fiction, as she says, startlingly “within the realm of reality.” The questions at the heart of the novel are resonant and roaring: Does breaking silence ever go well for the silence-breaker? When does fear become complicity? And is there anything the powerful can’t get away with?